Designer Profile


Ornella Aprosio, who was born in Rome and could even have been called Olimpia, likes to be invisible. She will appear as if from nowhere in her atelier in Via della Spada in Florence,  she slips away behind the pillars, gliding lightly on the warm wood floor. She appears suddenly from the staircase, dressed without colour but with luminous bracelets around her slender wrists. From time to time she wears a pendant, hanging from an organza cord. To seal her invisibility, she conceals herself behind a visible world, shimmering with beauty, which she herself has been creating and recreating since 1993, drawing upon an inner hoard of visions, ideals and memories. And taking inspiration from Nature, the eternal muse of those with imagination.

With glass beads from Murano and crystal spheres from Bohemia Ornella Aprosio designs jewels that gleam with all the daring of the imagination and the sophistication of the expert workmanship. Those who enter her Florentine workshop, redolent of the Renaissance, are bewitched with wonder and desire at the sight of these amazing and totally contemporary jewels that are the epitome of timeless femininity.