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Aprosio & Co. was featured on the website Jetset Times – an online travel magazine!


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2. Aprosio & Co.
Via della Spada, 38R, Firenze, Italy (map, website)
One of the most exquisite and unique jewelry shops I have ever stumbled upon. The owner, Ornella Aprosio hand beads stunning pieces of wearable art inspired by nature. Snake necklaces and bug brooches sit along with magnificent beaded purses accented with cherries. I purchased a pair of giant hoop earrings inspired by fiery red coral. They are a standout piece and elevates any outfit.

Idiosyncratic Fashionistas

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Valerie wearing Petr Dvorak agate neckpiece  Idiosyncratic Fashionistas IMG_2044

Aprosio & Co., from Italy, specializes in Venetian beads and Bohemian crystals. While they seem capable of making absolutely anything, including a black beaded bag decorated with three dimensional beaded chili peppers, let us show you one of the gorgeous winged insect brooches with delicate beaded antennae, jaws and legs.

Aprosio & Co. beaded insect Idiosyncratic Fashionistas IMG_1956

Aprosio’s Inspiration

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anicca vata sankhara chant -

Anicca vata sankhara

Upada vaya dhammino

Upakituva nirujihanti

Tesang vupasamo sukho


All conditioned things are impermanent

Their nature is to arise and pass away.

To live in harmony with this truth

Brings the highest happiness.


La lingua pali (nome nativo: पाऴि, pāli) è una lingua indiana,

appartenente alla famiglia indoeuropea. Ancora oggi è usata come lingua liturgica del Buddhismo Theravāda.