Aprosio girls

anto Antonella
“What colour, how amazing.” Antonella adores the Aprosio creations. She wears them with pride and joy, gives expert advice about them, and when a new creation arrives in the shop, she declares excitedly: “What colour, how amazing!”. Patient, graceful and reserved, she is in charge of customer relations.
emi Emi
In the web of beads. Emi, the graphic designer, the on-line lady. It is she who “weaves” the Aprosio website. She’s Japanese, but she leaves it to Sabina to follow through the Aprosio affairs in Japan. The Aprosio Girls have always had a vocation for international cultural entwining.
saby Sabina
Japan. She’s Swiss with an absorbing passion for the Land of the Rising Sun. The web clients from Japan are all hers. Her Swiss precision discovers a special understanding with the Japanese precision. Sabina makes the models and does crochet, which is one of the base methods for the Aprosio jewels.

Twenty people with golden fingers work for Aprosio in Italy and abroad. They are almost all women, but there are some men too.