Absolutely Aprosio - Aprosio & Co.
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Absolutely Aprosio

Absolutely Aprosio

Concept: the pervading concept for the entire Aprosio & Co. Collection it’s the attentive and loving gaze at all the Nature’s creations.


Designer: Ornella Aprosio uniqueness is the exclusive use of crystal and micro glass beads in her handwork. Her source of inspiration is the material

itself: beads as muse and source of any new creation.


Distribution network: all over the world, mainly in Japan.


Theme: You stand like

In Autumn

On the trees

The leaves

Giuseppe Ungaretti

leaves, ramages and winter’s flowers of all shapes and colours.


Materials & Colors: glass or crystal beads worked with pure cotton, fine wool, or silk. All shades of blue and green, melanged tones of grey and amber, dark garnet and light ruby red, metallic nuances of gold, silver and copper.


Strong pieces: leaves decorated purses, interlaced bracelets looking like ivy twigs, head garlands made of wintry flowers.

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