Aprosio boutique

In Florence it is Ornella Aprosio who stands out through her hand-crafted production of jewellery and accessories in Murano glass beads and Bohemian crystals and thanks to her, history rewinds through reusing high skilled feminine labour and recovering extremely fascinating materials which were already significant in times of Art Deco: glass, crystal and coral coloured beads that renew the taste of new luxury and the cult of novelty.

She’s encouraging again to show off with immense earrings and flower shaped brooches which are inspired by the delicate colour nuances of the famous glass-lined and precious stones framed orchids from Tiffany, designed by G. Paulding Farnham (1859-1927).

Also elegant bracelets, day and night bags and little pouches have made their comeback, as well as oscillating long collars, ‘’fake’’ watches Cartier style made completely out of beads, strictly handmade fabrics (with needle and thread, knitted, crocheted and woven), all enlightened by beads.